Wednesday 1st March

Today have been a productive day, as I have spent it making textiles samples. The flour and water method has actually worked really well, particularly on very sheer fabric as it retains a sense of delicacy. On some of the samples I combined the mixture with paint, which was good at applying the colour, however it altered the mixture and I think that in the future it would be better to use some kind of dye instead.

I have been looking at combining my fabric samples with other manipulation techniques, such as gathering. I gathered a section multiple times vertically, and then sewed cable wire over the top of the stitching, which creates a textured piece that can be manipulated into different shapes thanks to the wire, and is something that I could put into a bigger piece and put on the body. I also experimented with using smocking, by using a wave pattern, which works well and actually creates quite a structural effect, and would be interesting to try very large in a thicker fabric.

I also tried using the flour and water on plastic, however it just flaked off and wasn’t able to dry on the surface, and when I tried to melt the plastic over the top of the fabric for some reason it wouldn’t work. I did bubble up the surface of a piece of plastic to try and mirror the surface of the body paint, and used matches to burn holes in the surface. Once I did this I embroidered round the edges in a broderie anglaise style to try and explore a different way of using a traditional technique, and did a small finger-knitted sample with wire, which was a bit more difficult than I anticipated!

Overall I am pleased with the samples I have made today and I think that I have some things I can take forward in different ways in my project, and I look forward to talking to my tutors tomorrow to see what they think of what I have done so far.

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