Tuesday 28th February

Today I had a tutorial with my tutor, and she seemed to like my concept, which is reassuring. She suggested that instead of just starting from the jacket, which could turn into something where you can foresee what it would look like at the end, I could work inwards, by looking at what I could add to it or use to subvert it. I think that this is a good idea, and should create something more unexpected. I also think that this will help me when I start to work into the jacket as I should have more ideas. My tutor also suggested that I look at the images I find most interesting, and go from there, and I think that the body paint images are very interesting, and that there are many ways with which I could translate this for my work.

I was particularly drawn to the cracked texture that occurs when it is put on very thickly and I have been thinking as to how I could recreate this in fabric. I have been researching both on the internet, and I have also been looking at some books in the library. One book that I found particularly inspiring was one where they challenged a series of Chilean artists to use body paint and photographed the results. One of the artists had covered the whole body in the beautiful rippling, cracked texture, and this is something that I would really like to replicate.

In order to think about how I could do this, I have come across the technique of using a flour and water mixture to create a resist on fabric that can be using in the dyeing process to create a pattern, but which I could leave on and crack to create a similar kind of effect to the paint. This evening I have been painting out some test samples, as I have read that it takes around overnight to dry properly, so I am excited to see the results tomorrow, and hopefully it works! I am planning on combining the paint test samples with looking at traditionally ‘feminine’ techniques, in order to try and turn this on its head by using them in a traditionally very masculine garment.

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