Monday 27th February

Today was a strange day, which I suppose is to be expected, given that it is our first day back and we are all trying to organize our projects into some semblance of coherence. It was interesting to hear about other's projects, though I think that whilst it is nice to speak to those that aren't in your immediate circle of friends, the patterned session would have been more effective if we could choose our partners. This is because we understand each other's working processes more and i think when you know someone a little better you aren't as afraid of giving advice. 

Nevertheless, I have had some good feedback from those who I have spoken to who think it is an interesting idea, and they seem to understand it and be passionate about it, which is exactly what I would like. My tutor and I also had a discussion and it was good to hear that she thought I had made a good start as I was a bit concerned that the idea wasn't very original, but I feel a bit more at ease now. I find my idea interesting, so I think the important thing is just to get on with it and have fun and just focus on what I want to do. So often I worry about everyone else, but I am slowly realising everyone else as just as little a clue of what they are doing as I do! Particularly as it is the last project, and UCAS is done now, I think this project is just to bring together all the skills I have been learning and do a project for me. 

I feel a bit bad that tonight hasn't been very productive, although I did read through one of the books I got out from the library, and earlier I did four mini collages from some of my research.  I would also like to read the second one I borrowed, however as the last few nights I have had barely any sleep for one reason or another I think I might get up slightly earlier tomorrow morning instead. Although I realise that simply because this project is longer than normal that isn’t a reason to step off the pedal, I think that as long as you don’t let work pile up on you and keep up a steady pace then there is no reason to have less than 6 hours sleep every night for 10 weeks. By looking at things in a less rushed manner I also hope to be able to look at my work more objectively and reflect in order to make it the best that it can be. I am also pleased with the research I have done so far and I am looking forward to working on the body soon.  

I am also relatively happy with my project proposal at the moment, I don't think it is completely finished, I think it needs some editing down but I think I have conveyed my ideas- even if in a slightly long winded way! I also need to work on my title, I don't think it's quite there yet, so I think on Wednesday I will spend a bit of time going over that before the hand in on Thursday, and tomorrow I mean to ask my tutor for any feedback she may have.

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