Scrap metal yard visit.

I found there some pieces of old machinery and pipes that I want to use for my experiments - described yesterday.

Also, I got an old (working!) fax that I can destroy.

Thrift store visit – I found a red scarf that I want to use. The colour is similar to the thread I was using. It has loops big enough to stitch through, so I will bring it with me on Monday.

Now I want to focus on finishing samples. The two I did yesterday are scanned in my sketchbook, but I want to fix the broken one. I did some sketchbook work today, but I did not managed to finish it though, other visits took me too long.

Evaluation of this stage of the project:

What went well?

I found some metal pieces that no one needs and I can use for my project. I did not expected it to happen, as it was not easy to find anything, which is quite surprising. I got some old clothes, though I still need more.

What did not go well?

I did not managed to do as much sketchbook work as I wanted to. I need to focus on that tomorrow. The samples take a really long time to make, because of the techniques. Although, I have some shape ideas from my collages that I can develop next week.

How can I move on from now?

Samples – finishing, fixing. Sketchbook – collages with research images. Shape extraction. Experiment with old machines ( I am not sure though if I will get any hamper or anything to breake the fax, so probably I will have to wait for Monday and do it at Archway workshop.


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