He made a hotel with worlds worst view. Being an icon for political street art, I bought a book guide of his graffiti across London, which is great but the work that impresses me the most with Banksy are this large scale almost architectural project where he curates these immersive spaces that reflect the horrors that go on out of sight. He shines a light different social standards and particularly hardships of refugees. Allowing you to experience the world differently in a controlled environment, this work is so experiential and also brings to attention the things that I feel are either not acknowledged enough, or just merely not cared about. 

He is a such an iconic example of how we can begin to solve problems through beauty, although you can argue he isn't directly helping the subjects of his artworks himself. In a way he is helping  through empathy and spreading the idea of how, as a member of society who has been privileged by just inheriting a security to food, shelter and rest; we should generally be more grateful for that and be helping others who haven't been quite as lucky.

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