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unit 7, part 1:



Afterlife explores different stages of death - the limbo, purgatory, hell, heaven, paradise - and introduces the idea that the value of one's life is being judged. The decision is arbitrary, rather than generated. Introspection and roleplay can be seen as good values - ignorance is a sin. 

Near death experiences often change the perspective of everything - the self, value of life - for those who are brought back alive after often an unexpected accident, heart attack or so on.

Portrait is a way to explore self, identity, role - and its also a way to capture a moment of being alive at a certain point of life, preferably, the high point. The art is to be able to recognise that high - so that even after death this portrait will stay. 

Briefly, the project focuses on



which consists of

different types of self-expression (such as portrait, doppelgangers, dress-up/role play, surroundings)

life ("as a game", routines, rules, structure, fantasies, highs/lows)

and (after death) (NDE, suicide, "judgement day", inbetween states, incarnation )







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