"Ernesto Neto has produced an influential body of work that explores constructions of social space and the natural world by inviting physical interaction and sensory experience....the artist both references and incorporates organic shapes and materials – spices, spices, sand and shells among them—that engage all five senses, producing a new type of sensory perception that renegotiates boundaries between artwork and viewer, the organic and manmade, the natural, spiritual and social worlds."  - Tanya Bonakadar Gallery 

Neto's work has invited me to explore with not just with physical properties, but also sensory properties within my work. I have been finding objects that are mundane yet hugely present during my "everyday" life, such as tea, bin bags and socks. Netos work has inspired me to incorporate the tea in order to implement smell within my sculptural elements. 

"Ernesto Neto's iconic sculptural installation, Flying Gloup Nave (Nave Voadora), a gauzy, biomorphic installation made from nylon stocking, styrofoam beads and sand, functions as a vast, suspended enclosure that serves as both sculpture and architecture.  The womb-like shape is suggestive of the hull of a ship or a living organism, while the title refers to both the nave of a cathedral, and a word that means "ship" or "capsule" in Portuguese.  " - Tanya Bonakadar Gallery 


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