5 Mar 2017


Today I decided to go to art galleries as I thought I had done enough research. Following the notes I took previously, I organised my time well by going to places that was nearby within a day. The first place I went to was the Serpentine Gallery because it had works on Douglas Gordon. As soon as I stepped in, there was a ping pong table and a snooker table. I have never seen this section of his work so I read the leaflet that was given. However, it mentioned about how the audience should play and did not talk about the meaning behind his work. As I walked along, I saw two televisions on the floor in which the video that was playing was mirroring each other. I started to pay very close attention to it because I have mentioned in my research page that Gordon works usually works with mirror image and I wanted to experience how it would be like to watch one of his work. The video showed scenes from the side window of a taxi where you can see the buildings, people etc passing by. The longer I watched it, I felt more overwhelmed. It was definitely quite tempting to watch both at the same time. Something about the video made me very intrigued and I couldn't tell what it was. All I understood was that I couldn't stop watching it.

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