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Today we were given tutorials to talk to our tutor about our project so far. As Karla was looking through my book she told me metamorphosis does tend to come up every year and past students have based theirs on Kafka's Metamorphosis. She advised me to stay away from this pathway and suggested that I look more into ancient historical transformation myths as that was a unique direction to take the project.

She also suggested to do a series of 3 or 4 pieces that were based on 3 or 4 myths in Ovid's metamorphosis. I already have the sea monster, the kraken, but what I need to look at is a few other slightly unusual transformations in the Metamorphosis.

In regards to the kraken, Karla suggested that I should go back to research instead of carrying on with design as she feels I need to refine my ideas more. Possibly dissect tentacles more and look at the characteristics of it.

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