Library_imagery research.

 I looked for the image of the movie named "in the mood for love" because I thought this movie has some connection to privacy. Briefly, the movie is about forbidden love. The director says these time is flowering years for them. Two married couples live in a same apartment in Hong Kong, 1962. Each wife and husband had affair with the other husband and wife. The main characters already knew it but they didn't tell their wife/husband and kept as a secret then they fell in love. They also cheated on their husband/wife and these two couples hide their secret to each other. This whole story is about the secrecy and hiding which is related to my concept. I found some images about this movie and started research more deeply. I also searched about the backgrounds of the movie, the time period, the costumes they wore in that time and the space. The backdrops of this movie is 1960's in Hong kong. I found some books about Hong kong/Chinese traditional dress and what they wore in 1960's. 

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