Walking, Traversing, waiting for nothing.

The most pertinent research i can draw from in these recent months, is the travelling,  by foot or train over the UK. 

There's something fascinating about seeing your own country from as new perspective.labyrinth systems of alternative access passages and non-pedestrianised areas, post-industrial landscapes, the last stop of the C2C. A 2-mile walk from Purfleet station; Thurrock bridge obscures the horizon. 

The most relevant point to begin is to keep progressing my subjective understanding of the geography of the post-industrial landscape. To try and truly understand infrastructure, by becoming part of the process. Our Apathy maintains our immoral behaviour, as it's interpreted as the norm, an abstract concept, whilst true injustices repeat themselves every day. (An example - Prison slave labour producing a huge percentage of cheap clothes Americans wear, yet not stealing from multinational corporations who's CEO's earn 200% of the average employee of the company, because its wrong). 

By studying movement, walking, non-pedestrian areas, people's movement within these areas, I hope to understand the senselessness of our actions and try to reduce the time i make arbitrary actions. This is a start. I then hope to push the boundaries of what's possible with the interactions of the city, chiefly the non-pedestrian aspects. 

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