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Today was more of a hands on day led by Tamzyn. We were told to bring in 10+ images from our research. We were then split into groups depending on the genre of our title. My title suggested nature so I was put into that group. Firstly we were told to arrange our images into simple groups, for example based on their similarities. We split them into piles titled people, natural, fashion etc. We then had to split them into groups with less obvious similarities so we looked at textures. After this we had to create a horizontal line and give either end characteristics that were opposite to each other and then arrange the pictures along the line. We then had to create a vertical line and give those ends more characteristics that were opposing and arrange the pictures over both lines. This was harder as items had to fit into both and we had to organise it along the spectrum. Whilst we were doing this exercise we had to write down key words that we saw in our images. The main notes I managed to jot down were textures and colours of nature: tentacles, lines, green, holes, organic, armour etc.

For the second half of the day we had to jot down three of the most influential words we received from the morning task, draw them and then make paper models out of them. The three words I chose was tentacles, armour and connections. I was mostly intrigued by tentacles as I hadn't realised plants such as venus fly traps had tentacle like things until today. I created a few paper models (shown below). I much preferred the models and drawing I did of tentacles so I would like to explore that area more and see if it has any links to ancient history.

I also had a mini tutorial with Tamsyn and she gave me some advice about the direction I should take my piece. She suggested that I should create a piece that distorted the shape of the body - making it transform instead of creating an actual piece of jewellery that transformed itself.

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