Note from yesterday : Developing Sprang technique that my tutor told me of as a way of creating own net. I constructed own frame for that with cardboard. Initial samples are working, tomorrow I want to continue with experimentation of this technique.


Feedback session with tutors in groups and individual work.

Tasks that we had to complete:

-3 2D or 3D objects as responses and experimentation from research with consideration of:









-Group tutorials


Reflective questions to answer:

What was the experimentation I did today? Was it successful?

My experimentation today was to use Sprang as a technique of developing own net and include in it other yarns or wires I was using so far. Also, to use nalbinding with other materials and kinds of wires to achieve various textures. I was answering to the images I have in form of mark making to push textural research and ideas for the body.

It was successful - Sprang is working also as a combination of knitting and weaving, it is not falling apart. Nalbinding is possible with wire although it is quite hard for me to find the right loop, because the wire is quite thick, so it is not easy to manipulate it. I also started to incude ideas from armour seen as pieces of chain mail so far. I know I do not want to go too far into armour, as it is not my point to make an armour as a final outcome.

In my collages and responses I focused on colour, texture and shapes.


Did you produced what you expected? If not how was it different?

I did - I produced more than three manipulations - one collage with textures, one mark making response and two samples with new techniques. It was not much different from what I though it would be, but I also did not wanted to be too focused on my expectations and simply experiment, so that I could get something more unexpectable. I still haven?t chosen any particular colour scheme and it is because I do not want to limit myself now.


What do you need to focus on now? (list skills, techniques, analysis or different design development tools)

List I did during feedback session:

-sample making and technique experimentation in response to the images

-go back to the primary research or look for other approaches into armour and push the idea further

-do not stay at the moment you are now

-develop sprang

-analyse pictures of primary once again and look for new possibilities of approach

-start think of the body even in terms of free illustrations


If you got stucked today what was that?

Despite the fact that I did experimentation in my sketchbook I got a bit stucked. The feedback I got today was to rethink the cocept throughoutly ? it is too tangled and the idea is unclear. Do not stay in medieval times and look at the very initial images of the shop once again.

That is what I did to get unstucked and continue researching - I did a long brainstorming session with my friend from the course. The mind maps are uploaded below. However, I need to find more focused point in this whole research to go with.

Deadline for submitting the draft is soon so I have to be quick.








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