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In the first half of the day we had to get into groups and discuss our title and the research we'd done over research week. I found that a lot of the people in my group had very similar ideas about fears and mental illness so the advice I wanted to give them was to focus on one area instead of using such a generalised title.

When it came around to me the I received a few artists/gallery visits from the people in my group. The first was to look at Alexander McQueen's Plato's Atlantis. This is relevant as it's about clothes resembling snakes and different animal textures. I was also told to watch Steven Berkoff's interpretation of 'Metamorphosis'. Gallery wise I was told by my group to go visit the Hunterian Museum in Holborn to see preserved specimen. As well as this to go see The Welcome Collection.

They also gave me some advice about the direction I should take my title 'Metamorphosis'. There were two directions I wanted to take it - the ancient route looking at human to animal transformations or to look at modern day transformation in regards to humans changing their body because of pressures to look better. The advice I received back from the group was to that the ancient historical route as it's less cliché and could be really interesting looking at animal textures. So I will follow this advice.

In the afternoon we had a whole class discussion led by Helmert. The feedback I received from this discussion was that I definitely needed to zone in my title description more and suggest a direction in the 250 words. So what I would like to do is improve and edit my description so that it has a direction and is not too general. When we discussed about my title the feedback I got from Helmert was to not go the Kafka route and stick to the ancient myths and stories as that is my strongest point as I studied it at university. So I will also take this advice on board.

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