1 Mar 2017


I went on the app called ArtRabbit which showed me galleries in London. Using the search bar, I couldn't find works that were related to my theme. I typed in manipulat, deception, deceive, fake, faking, trick etc but there were all past events. So I scrolled through and chose galleries that interest me by basing on the title. I know that this is not the best way to choose but if I were to read at every description, it would take up a lot of my time. After I have read the title, I proceed to reading the description and see if it appeals to me. Noting down all the galleries in my notebook, I divided them evenly on my timetable because I aim to spend an entire day visiting at least 3 galleries. If I were to visit one each day, it will consume a lot of my time and energy.

 I continued working on my PPP and making sure there are no spelling or grammar errors. I asked my friends to proofread it to make sure it is clear what I'm portraying

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