28 Feb 2017


I had a hard time finding artists that has worked with manipulation because I didn't know how to properly explain what I am trying to search. Using the internet, I typed in "Artists that has worked with the theme of manipulation" and it mostly showed me Photoshop works http://mymodernmet.com/10-incredible-photo/

download.php?file=2829552&embedded=1&tex download.php?file=2829553&embedded=1&tex

I found more websites like, http://www.coolhunting.com/culture/interview-mark-fox , which did not help me because it was very confusing for me to understand as the artist was talking about how the puppets he made were manipulating him. However, I managed to find two artists that I liked because the response they got to their works was what I wanted for my project. 

David Lamelas - Manipulation of Meaning [Film Script]


Douglas Gordon - A Divided Self I and II


I showed my PPP to Adrian and he asked me what do I want to achieve from the whole manipulation theme. I explained to him and he told me to put it in the description because it wasn't clear to him. Then he introduced me to Thomas Demand, which I was very into because he made works that looks like an actual site but the more you stare at it, it gave an odd feeling and it inspired me a lot. The more we discussed about my topic, the more it lead me to the concept of trickery and how it plays with the viewers mind. To me, it didn't really matter because manipulation and trickery are quite similar to each other. (I may need to change the title of my project)

After completing my concept and description, I move on to updating my timetable and evaluation. Writing my evaluation was not that difficult because I knew what I had to do such as reflecting daily and recording my process onto Workflow etc, The timetable part was a bit tricky because I had to make sure that my final piece was halfway done before Easter break which means that my research, designing ideas, developing them, testing out materials has to be done before then. 

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