The Great Everything and the Nothing (Documentary)


This was a really enlightening documentary

by the Ooumun Group who preach rent free and community values. It's all about civil resistance as the ultimate rebellion to the state, as well as reclaiming waste space. Hostsing cultural and autonomous spaces, squatting is a way of asserting peoples rights and retaking privately owned land to directly aid food and shelter. It made me realised alot of stuff like just popping into the shops probably break all these ethics you already have. I think over egoism is really the route of this lack of desire to help others. As money is the physical representation of this, it nurtures ego and pushes us into doing jobs that we acknowledge can be done more efficiently and better by a machine. It touches upon how it's all a hoax and that money isn't the end goal too late down the line.

"for the first time in human history, we now have the wisdom, technology and resources available to us to cater for every single person's human needs on this planet without unnecessarily destroying our planet and the lives of neighbouring animals"

This is a scary realisation of how society functions on greed. We've set up these social paradigms which make it seem absolutely normal and okay to master the art of being selfish; because with money comes power and you find yourself ignoring everybody else's feelings to perpetuate personal gain.

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