Squatting laws

squatting in non-residential building or land isn’t in itself a crime, it’s a crime to damage the property

forced entry is an offence and so is trespassing 

but it's legal if you're not intending to live there

look out for shops, pubs and warehouses 

once in, change the locks, secure every point of entry 

you have legal protection when there is someone inside 

 Have a Legal Warning or a prepared statement for the police

note the reading on the electricity and gas meters and contact the suppliers telling them you wish to set up an account.


"The local council’s Planning Department has a register of all planning applications and decisions which you can see online. This will tell you who, if anyone, has made an application or got permission.

The Land Registry records ownership of most places. You can get the details for a particular place at landregistry.gov.uk. It costs £3 per place (with a credit or debit card). If there is both a freehold and leasehold owner registered, the leaseholder is the one with rights to the place and can evict you."


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