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This group has definitely been the biggest influence of my project so far

"New rough sleeper figures published this week have revealed an increase of 16%from last year, to more than 4,000..

More than 200,000 homes have been empty for more than six months, according to new government figures.

?We have squatted many other high-profile buildings in central London in the past,? said Fox. ?Admiralty Arch, Mayfair and Pall Mall. There are so many empty buildings like this one in central London.?

especially as  "Westminster council wants to send homeless people like us out of London and there isn?t much provision around for homeless women"w

I think what this group is doing is great and its quite bit ridiculous that companies are actually paying property guardians to make sure places aren't being squatted. If a property has been standing empty for 7/8 years, with the number of homeless people on the streets its almost inhumane to keep that building empty for that amount of time.

In the middle of a housing crisis, it's so obviously wrong the amount of money going in to keep them empty. 

Squatters are either homeless victims or those to choose to because they love the lifestyle in the squat, the idea of taking something for nothing. I don't respect people who "put the value of property over the value of putting a roof over your head", which is why I'm making my work about this subject.

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