Rewriting Project Proposal for tomorrow's submission. Organizing bibliography, time management and action plan. Adding some adjustments from tutorial - explaining the concept in more detailed form.

Organizing research page and all references.

Sketchbook work. Responding to the research images with mark making and textures. Experimenting with wire and pipe. I think twisted wire is a good way of responding to the images of details of machinery. I also included some metal parts of nails and pins to visualize machinery details. I want to keep it broad now and free from any color choices or particualar visual editing to find as much various references in terms of shapes and textures as possible. I still remember the workd of my tutor from the very beginning of part two - remember to stay as abstract as possible for as long as possible. This is exactly what I want to do at this stage of development.

Critique with a classmate from the course - sharing what we have done and ideas for going further. I was told that my research is good and I shouldn't worry about it being misunderstood. Also, that my project proposal is quite clear to work as a draft but I should probably clarify it more by reorganizing thoughts in the project description. I did it after the feedback so I hope it will work better now.

First week of the project for Unit 7 - Evaluation of this stage of the project:

What went well?

I found an intriguing topic, visual referneces and context for further development. I have Project Proposal draft and I have completed all tasks that we were given. The bibliography is big enough at this stage, although I aspire to broaden it as the project goes on. My time management is working for now, I have completed what I wanted to according to the time planning. I have started sketchbook experimentation - this already makes it more enjoyable for me. I overcome some points of being stucked in a research - I did it by doing more research and chainging  point of view on things, for example on steel and thinking of magical aspect of it. I think I have found intriguing branches to go with or this project that could be  starting point for deeper research.

I was a bit afraid of approaching this project, as I have never done anything about any kind of social awareness  before. Though I think I managed to fid a topic that is personal for me.

What did not go well?

I could have found more books related to my ideas. Although I still can do that next week, so I want to certainly change this aspect of my bibliography. I also should have started the sketchbook work slightly earlier. Perhaps it would be better to do that after I found images of Astroemeria, but I do not think that I did it way too late aither, as beginning this week I had more directed way of going so I knew what I want to communicate and pursue in my work in sketchbook. I need to find a good way of organiznig biblography, as it takes too much time. I think organizing it ino alphabethical order wwould help. There are too many soources and I keep missing names.

I become slightly concerned about the plan for my project. I forgot to ask my firend for feedback about it as there were already lot of different questions that I had. I hope to get some help with that from Study Strategies or Student Support soon.

How can I move on from now?

Gather feedback from other people. Hopefully tomorrow at tutorials I will have chance to share my ideas and project brief I have written. Then I could think about really what to do next, although I would like to carry on ith research on put a bigger amphasis on sketchbook.

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