Gallery visit - Eduardo Paolozzi at Whitechapel Gallery.

His works really remind me of what I was previously looking at. His sculptures have textures of machines but the shilouettes of them reminds me of armour. I think I could use this inspiratin in my sample development - especially textures. It already reminds me of the surfaces I have done, so it would be a relevant way of going. Markmaking on his collages is similar to mine and some of his drawings look almost like combination of both armour and machinery - harsh shapes with antropomorphic features. His work inspires me to make a very detailed textures - like all those elements of machines that are kind of frozen in his works. Organic shapes but with industrial element.

Review of this exhibition is uploaded below.

I also researched another charity - to complete the task of having minimum two. It is a Michaelangelo Foundation and it is a non profit organization that connects craftsmen and women from various places in Europe with artists and designers in order to provide local workers with possibilities for development and to maintain traditions of making. It also emphasizes the idea of going green - sustainability in design seen as development of craft. It is what I was thinking of when researching nalbinding and lucet- to bring crafts back into the world. However, they also inspired me to think about the style - do not make anything that looks crafty in a bad way, use crafts to make uniqueness.

Sketchbook wwork. Still only as visual references and mark making ideas, so it is hard to reflect on that now. I did not choose any particular colour scheme now or materials. I still have quite a lot of time for this project so I want to try all possibilities that the research gives me and experiment with various colurs. It is also because I think for the previous project I have chosen the colur scheme too early and then I had to change it. I would like to give myself more time for mark making and visual responses and collages in sketchbook so that is wwhat I want to focus now on. What is in my interest now for sure are those circular shapes that look like bolts - I think they represent industrialization in a good way, because they are not literal (circle could represent a lot of things) yet have the connection to my images. They also remind me a bit of Paolozzis textural elements. I am not sure yet how am I going to bring them in, but they seem intriguing.


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