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Project proposal

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The time spent on putting together my portfolio showed me the true outcome of the foundation course so far: I have learned how to visually present my work both aesthetically and self-explatanatorily. In addition, the recent development in both written and spoken expression of my work has been rewarding: in terms of collaboration and presentation, it has been remarkably important to be able to speak out my ideas with confidence, to allow other people understand my means throughout the process. The collaborative work started by working only with closest friends, but project by project, I have gained confidence to let other people in and also present my work in front of big audiences.


The aim for this project is to keep on pursuing new ways of working with people and documenting this process. The main focus will be in interaction between the people included, combining both writing and photography but I also want to find new unconventional ways of presenting relationships and chemistry between us. 


The final outcome will be presented as a book/booklet, and working towards this concept has already started - the first week of the project, I was doing research, thinking about a whole different outcome. (Eventually, this research and outcome is still a present in this project, but only a small part of it.) The second week, I created a film that was projected at a party on the 18th of February. The film was created in relatively short time, however the concept I had was strong and interesting, so my idea will stay to keep developing the same themes for the final project.


The same week I moved to an abandoned office building called Alpha Business Centre. Two of my close friends were already living in the building and actually my film was almost entirely shot in there. The building offers an amazing creative atmosphere and most importantly a change of scenery after spending so much time in the library for the past few months. The space is huge, with a lot of natural light, and most of the rooms are available for us to use. In fact, two of my other friends will move in as well next week. 


Together, we form a group of creatives all specialising in different things - performance, fashion design, photography and styling - but we all share the same taste and interest in collaborating together. The Alpha Business Centre is in great condition for living but unfortunately, it will be knocked down sooner or later, and we will only get one month?s notice before having to move out. Within this time limit, I want to take the best out of this amazing chance we have to live and work together.


Going back to the film I did, I realised how interesting it was to work so fast, without a proper script just going to the shoot location and improvising a lot of the scenes. Shooting of the scenes, the chemistry between the characters, the editing process - all of it expanded the concept in a totally different way that any time spent in the library did. 


Exactly like this film was made the focus in my final project is in things that are happening at the moment and direct, honest documentation of it. There?s a book by Sophie Calle ?Prenez soin de vous? that is currently representing my idea of how I would like to present the final outcome, but obviously the more material I start to have, I will reconsider and see what will be the best medium to put everything together. To start with, I want to document our life in these surroundings, everyone?s individual project and their ways of working, the communication between each other and as a group. 


Ultimately, we want to collaborate together, creating one final outcome, which can be anything at the moment - my work will also be documenting the process of this. Ideally my publication will end to the presentation of our final project. The film I made will be presented in this publication as well because it is already shot in the Alpha Business Centre and developing the concept will continue.











1. Thoughts instantly after finishing the film

The film was shot at ABC and during the shoot we didn?t only spend more time together but also along became the solution that the change of scenery that I needed to release myself again to be more open to experiences, rather than time travelling to feelings and relationships that were not relevant anymore, but which had never been properly channeled - all that was now made visible, in form that would not fade away or be consciously forgotten. I knew that there was no subjects currently to dive into - I should get in touch with life again, get myself properly involved this time, think less and do more. 


Exactly like this film was made, with just a little bit of planning and researching, the focus should be  in things that are happening at the moment. 














2. Sophie Calle


The book by Sophie Calle ?Prenez Soin de Vous? is an interesting compilation of writing, portraits, photographs and actual letters/emails/print outs. What i find interesting in this book is how the communication is been documented, the display of the page - for example, the portrait of a woman playing the piano, displayed next to the notes - and also the portraits of women reading a text on a piece of paper -

this gave me an idea of  writing a clear synopsis - again, as I did for the last project, but last time it was to prepare the audience for whatever was coming up. 

This synopsis I would write wouldn?t necessarily be a part of the project - maybe it can be revealed at the very end. 

But the point is that in the beginning everyone would read the same text - writing that is not too explanatory, that would leave a lot up for interpretation. 





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