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I went to London to get some research from

I firstly went to The Design Museum in Kensington and saw the 'Fear & Love' exhibition. Although I did not think it would personally effect my project, there was one installation in particular that I felt was relevant to my project; 'Neri Oxman and Stratasys present Vespers'. This was a series of masks created from three dimensional printing. She was inspired by ancient culture's death masks. I think the most effective part was the fact that the masks changed so much. She started off with a series of five masks that were almost string like and quite traditional. This led to the next series of five masks that were more refined and smooth but still had the large surface area. Finally this led to the final series which were smaller but the detail was in the material. This links to my project as it shows a transformation through the making of the masks - completely changing the style each collection as she gains different inspiration.

'Christien Meindertsma presents Fibre Market' was also relevant to my project as he broke apart jumpers to create piles of fibre - this is a metamorphosis as it is a transformation from being a jumper to a series of fibres.

I then went to the Burberry Maker's Exhibition on Tottenham Court Road, which also included Henry Moore. Although I did not feel Henry Moore was relevant to my project, the collection by Burberry was inspirational. I especially liked the collection of shoulder pieces as it contained a lot of different textures including metal, shell, embroidery, feathers etc. Although it was fashion I found the pieces to be almost jewellery like.

When reflecting back on the day I definitely feel these exhibitions will help and inspire me to make something beautiful for my final piece.

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