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Today I decided to focus on my sketchbook. Out of the comments I received from my assessment, bringing more personality into my sketchbook is the one I really would like to improve on.

I decided to do a double title page on metamorphosis. I wanted to make it more creative so I used a mixture of collage using research I found but also drawings and paintings.

I wanted to look at words similar to Metamorphosis so I did pages of research on Transformation and Evolution as well. I found though that I wanted to stick to nature and animals instead of going off the deep idea of human transformation as people get older.

I really wanted to get some primary research into my work so I went for a walk and took pictures of dead plants - I then photo-shopped the plants so that they were almost coming back to life to show the transformation between dead and alive. However this research may have been based on changing instead of metamorphosis.

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