Writing draft of project proposal for tomorrow’s tutorial. Organizing research and reflection pages after recent museum visits. Organizing bibliography.

Sketchbook work. Organizing all the research and mark making ideas. Visualizing of idea of air pollution in a sample - idea of padding with soft felt to show the smoke going out of the chimneys. It looks intriguing now but I do not think I will take it further because padding was in my last project as well and I do not wat to repeat same techniques that I used for this project. It is a summary of my work, but not necessarily in that way. It is just the beginning of work so it is hard to reflect on that now. I did not worked in sketchbook before, as I wanted to gether enough research before. Now I think it is a good time to start, because I have enough of research and ideas for textures and references. I do not planned to start that much of sketchbook wwork this week, I would like to do that next week, after the project draft submission.

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