Visiting King’s College in Cambridge.

Stained glass with knights on it made a link I needed to continue my research.

Armour was made from steel – it protected from wounds and it was obviously applied on the body. It is a certain kind of garment. Moeover, the fact that iron (and steel as well then) is believed to have the meaning of protection against evil makes it even more relevant. An armour made from a material that protects from any harm. An armour that protects from air pollution. This is still a rugh idea of the direction but this is more focused direction of going, something that can generate ideas and that is what I was looking for at this stage of research. The chainmail on the stained glass looks like knitting, which makes it even more intriguing for me, because I could use those circular shapes from it or wire to experiment. I have used historical references in some of my previous projects, so this kind of direction is reoccurring in my works. It is probably caused by the fact that I had lessons of extended history and history of art over my whole high school as well as extended history of literature, which makes me interested in those kind of historical topics.

The fact that it was on glass reminded me of greenhouses that were previously in the buildings of the resale shop. The colours on the windows look like petals of Astroemeria flowers when it comes to colour. It makes a connection between both topics. I also find it interesting that some of the stained glass were not very recognizable. It is due to the age of these and the fact that the windows were undergoing many renovations and changes over the time. However, I find these colourful blocks of shapes intriguing – they look a bit like abstract paintings or, as I said previously, flowers. It's composition is inspiration for colour in samples - try using many different colours, a lot of them, the colour scheme will come later.

What also fits in to my research is the fact that both cities are very similar to each other – both have a long history, old university in the middle of the city, market square and lots of medieval architecture. The spirit of Cracow is very similar to Cambridge, so armour against air pollution would represent the historical part of the city as well. The spirit of the city that would raise the topic of air pollution. Though, I do not want to design anything that would look like armour from the very beginning, at the first sight. I want to keep it as a reference but not as an literal final idea.

Next step is to do more library research and find books about medieval armour and any information about it.

I am quite sure that this is the topic I could do more research about for Unit 7. Starting from armour as a way to show air pollution as a threat to environment and human beings. Base on the medieval spirit of my home city yet talking about an issue that is much broader than just pollution in Cracow. Protecting in form of a garment with the "magical" power of steel.

I still need to find more relevant textural ideas to make sure that I could use this topic as my project proposal. I also do not have any particular techniques yet.

The idea of focusing on medieval times is also relevant in terms of what I was thinking about the mass production vs craft - in medieval times everything was hand made. Cracow is a medieval city with a history of trade and craftmanship. This is a contextual link that would also connect the making process with the history of the city yet with a broader context of mass production. I think I shouuld look for some medieval techniques or ways of making to reflect that medieval spirit, although not to make something that wold look historical. I will also need to start working in my sketchbook but now I want to focus on gathering right images and finding a way of going with this topic.

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