Organizing research page after research on Monday.

Intriguing information about the resale shop - the buildings where the resale shop was there were huge greenhouses. It seems really interesting for me, because it shows the transition of a landscape – from a natural one (greenhouse as a symbol of it) to artificial one (machinery as a symbol of that). I also found the information that in those greenhouses was harvested a very specific kind of flower – Astroemeria. My grandfather was the first person in Poland to sell it. The flower he was selling and harvesting was modified from natural type of Astroemeria. It was completely artificial, not nature existing, that is why it had to be kept in greenhauses (though I can not find any particular information about what type of Astroemeria it was nor how exactly it was modified – the only resource in this topic is my father who doesn’t remember these details now). Though, this flower is an example of hypernature. A man made transformed nature that never existed. Also, this makes a link with the “Witch” for me – the flower being modified and unnatural seems for me to be magical in a way that scientists were able to produce it. Moreover, in shamanism or witchcraft flowers or herbs were used to execute certain magical rituals.

The SS17 collection looks by Christopher Kane that are on my research page are a way of perceiving the design the way I think of it right now. The colorfull fluid lines remind me of cables and machinery details. They look industrial and create an interesting texture. These could also be reinterpreted into the wire I was using or some thick yarn. The flowers added are the element of nature, like the greenhouses and Astroemeria. Those designs link both topics togerther. It is also an inspiration for me for textures - I am sure I want my finished garment to be rich in them.

Sharing the research ideas with my friend from the course. I was told that the general way of going although commonly known is going into a more intriguing direction, which is good because I wanted to keep the topic known enough so that many people could relate to. I was also told to get more focused with the ideas, there are quite general yet with possibilities of finding more direct way of approach. It is true - as I was told at the tutorial it needs to be a creative restriction, so a topic to start further research from. I was thinking about writing the breif in form of tasks to complete, but now I think I will change it into a certain topic that would be a starting point for next part of research, as this would be more direct and easier for me to think of. I do not want to be unambitious but the task of social awareness seems to me already quite serious, so I do not want to get carried away too much from the core of the brief we got from our tutors  - to think about social awareness in a design.

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