CSM Green Week talk.

The main topic was about arctic and melting of it due to oil campagins, but what I find relevant to my research is that the Aurora Project was basically building a huge polar bear machine. The skelethon of it, visible on the short movie reminded me of the machinery from Steel Mill in Cracow and that from my grandfather?s resale shop because of the steel elements and the way humans were placed within them. It reminds me of a huge working machine/human connection. This images made a visual link to Jean Tinguely sculptures. His works are purely industrial and resemble machines like the aurora bear. He aimed to create sculptures that were moving, resembling machines but also people in a way, he was fascinated by the fact, that they can live on their own when turned on. He used a lot of steel elements that were former machines, parts of wires or scrap metal. I could try that too - perhaps find some old machinery or elements of it. I do not want to make robots but the scrap machinery reinds me somehow of workers that disappear into their working space. People that make them - the machines are always hidden and replaced bby machines very quickly, but it is always human that makes. Those random pieces of steel and other metals he was using reminded me of the images of Edward Burtynski or Nicholas Faure - it was basically waste that Jean Tinguely used and it was waste that both photographers were capturing. This alongside the Steel Mill inspired me to choose my maerial for research - Steel and to think of using wire or other steel industrual elements in my work. I have not done any experimentation yet, because firstly I have to gather good ideas, but this seems intriguing. Those materials would resemble indstrialization that caused the air pollution in my city.

I find it also really interesting that some of his sculptures were titled "Witch" or "Totem". This gives it a kind of magical element. It makes me think about whitchcraft or shamanism and how nature was used in these magical ways to create something new, to interfere with natural world, just as we now do with the machines. Both witchcraft and shamanism have this kind of rules of making magic, elements of a mysterious technology. Also, the machines to a person that has no clue about them look like magical elements. Just as they looked like to me when I was small and I looked at the resale shop - magical monsters and creatures - witches or totmes for a new way of living. It is also quite mysterious that machines can actually move and produce same work as humans do with their hands. Obviously it can be explained with some technological knowledge yet the power that stays in these moving machines remains invisible and therefore magical.

The talk was really helpful in terms of charity research. Greenpeace organises more happenings that include art and awareness. One of those mentioned was the one where greenpeacce activists put masks against air pollution on monumets in London. This links to my topic in terms of theme and also in broader context - I want to do a piece that would raise the awareness about air pollution. Show the impacts of it, but without being too descriptive. Intriguing thing is that air in London is less polluted than in cracow , so it is healthier here.

The material I decided to research about is Steel (because of the fact that the majority of machines are made from steel and that the steel mill was in my interest for this research for so long). Now I need to think about any possibilities of applying this onto the body or any other properties that steel has and that I could use.

Below a documentation picture of the happening about air pollution (not uploaded to research page as this has only contextual meaning):


Evaluation of this stage of the project:

How to move on from now?

Do material research and think about how shamanism or witchcraft can be used in relation to this project - isthere any way possible of moving into this direction? I also need to organize all the pictures and bibliography for this project.

What went well?

The idea of going into the direction of shamanism and wwitchcraft seems more intriguing. The form of interaction of human and nature that transformed into pollution of nature. Hopefully I will find a good topic for my proposal draft. After that I want to evaluate it using the questions of task 2.

What did not went well?

I should have started work in sketchbook earlier than now. I need to visualize all the ideas I have. At this point of research I want to try all of them in sketchbook by collaging and mark making and as the research goes do more of them, to show the development. I am not planning to do any samples before the Draft hand in, as I still need to consider apppropriate techniques of knitting, colour scheme and materials. It is really exciting and I hope to find a new technique I haven't tried before. I could combine it with machine knitting as a representation of machine-made garments and pollution.


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