Sunday 19th February

Today I visited the Picasso Museum in Antibes, which was interesting as they not only had works by Picasso, but also artist from the same time period. Although I wouldn’t say that they have Picasso’s best work on display, it was fascinating to stand in the space that had once been his studio for a short time, and to imaging what it would have looked and felt like. It was also intriguing as many of the pieces on display were those that he had created in that very room.

Another artist whose work I admired created very simple pieces, yet ere pleasing to the eye. They were composed of clean dry brushstrokes across a canvas in ink, leaving parts that weren’t fully covered in ink to create an interesting streaky texture, and made something that can appear so everyday very beautiful. From the pieces on display I found their texture more inspiring often than the pieces themselves, though it was nevertheless interesting to look around and learn more about how art interacts with the area. An interesting feature of the town is that at various points they have placards with images of the paintings that were painted in that very spot. It feels very special to stand in practically the exact same spot that Monet did when painting practically that self-same view. 

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