Monday 20th February

Today I have been thinking more about what exactly my concept is, and what underpins it. I am interested in using the concept of taking a garment with strong cultural or political connotations, such as the business suit, and taking that into another context, and combining it with other things to morph its meaning into something I identify with that goes against what it traditionally stands for. As the suit has both establishment and feminist angles, I have been trying to narrow down exactly what I am exploring to get it sorted in my mind. I don’t want to base my project entirely on feminism as I think that as it is such a current topic that many other people will be exploring it, as well as the huge amount of influence it has on the catwalk at the moment. I want to involve it and have it influence my project however, as it is something that really matters to me, so I think I am going to take it more in the direction of it being a feminist reaction against the establishment. Although this may seem like a fine line, this definition helps me to organise my research in my mind and clarify my direction.

This evening I have also been reading one of the collage books I have taken out of the library and been writing notes on what I think could be interesting to explore in my collages to explore my research. I think that collaging will help me to sort through my ideas, and after all, as fashion is a visual subject I need to explain and experiment with my thoughts in that manner. Although something like collage seems very simple, I find looking at artists helps as it aides me in approaching it in a fresher way, and focusing on manipulating and altering the images. I think that I will start collaging as soon as I can to start putting down my thoughts on paper properly. 

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