Tuesday 21st February

Today I have been updating my workflow and trying to get everything into some kind of order. I still need to do my annotations, everything is suddenly creeping up on me a bit and I need to make sure that I get everything done! I have also been thinking about materials to research, as I have been treating the library exercise we were given as an ongoing task, which I know wasn’t was it was originally intended for, but I think for me it makes it more meaningful and ill more likely mean that I will include things that will be useful for my project. From researching I came across a very interesting artist called Lynda Benglis, who created amazing melted sculptures, which is an interesting idea of how to manipulate material. I think I need to plan out my time to make sure that I will be able to have everything completed. I also need to start getting my ideas down in paper as I think that this will make them more concrete and will also highlight to me what parts I find most interesting and work together in terms of going forward.

For when we go back, I would like to have a number of collage or print samples done, and my workflow up to date and annotated, with my project proposal completed. I have almost finished it, I just need to put in the bit about my actual project, and come up with a title. One thing I also need to make sure I do is do the exhibition write-ups in my research. I have been to quite a few, and I have taken notes. I just wanted to wait until I was sure of what I was doing so that I could select the most relevant ones to talk about. 

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