Wednesday 22nd February

Today I finally began working in my sketchbook, which I always find slightly nerve-wracking as it is the first time that you put your ideas down in a more concrete way in a manner that is ‘yours’. Before starting to collage this morning I spent some time going through my notes and books and photographs of books I had taken in the library to gain inspiration and jot some ideas down for composition of pages. I find that this helps me because then I have more of a plan and don’t have to constantly reference books throughout the process, allowing me to figure out how to adapt a technique on my own instead of directly copying from someone else’s work. I had aimed to get three pages done today, however I have only done two, which aren’t quite finished yet. This is quite frustrating as I know that I spent much longer on them than I should have and that today wasn’t quite as productive as it should be. Nevertheless, I think it ok to spend a bit of time at the start so that I get my footing a bit and feel a bit more confident.

I just don’t know where the time went today, I think tomorrow I might, as well as finishing off the collages, do some quick smaller ones on the page and make sure that I time myself to do 15 minute collages once I have printed out my imagery. I think I also need to draw a bit more and involce markmaking, so I could perhaps at the start do some collages but then do some exercises where I do four small fabric or print samples on a page similar to the exercise that we did previously in the more scripted projects. I think that this could help me, as looking back, I am quite pleased with some of the work I did in those conditions, and I think that might help me to loosen up a bit.

This evening I went to the closing show of the Final Sew by Molly Goddard, where visitors were invited to sit and embroider onto a multitude of different enormous 12-foot tulle dresses in an array of colours. I found this to be very enjoyable, as there was a very relaxed atmosphere, with music playing, and as it was the final evening it was quite busy and buzzing. I really enjoy sitting and hand sewing as I think it is a very communal activity and feels very traditional and comforting. It was also exciting as Mollu Goddard herself was there, and at the end of the evening all the dressed were lowered into enormous cardboard boxes. I really like the idea of doing an interactive art piece, as it was really seeing what everyone else had added to the pieces that injected something else into the works and added layers and depth. It was also an interesting insight into the way that garments can be presented as art pieces as well as fashion items, which are all interesting things to bear in mind for the future. 

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