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Final Crit 20/2/2017

I went into the crit with 2 versions of my publication - one of it is an A1 fanzine (composed of 8xA4 sheets of content) and an A5 booklet. In terms of the size, Cath and my peers thought that I should stick with the fanzine size, as the typography looked more 'confident' there. There is more white space in that version, which I think is oneĀ of the aspects that made the typography work, and it gives it more breathing space. Perhaps that is something that I can work on when I make my final publication for submission. Content-wise, I think I should focus on the anti-social interface, but maybe work with the self check out machine aspect more, as the feedback from the crit suggests that the online shopping content didn't really go with the rest of the content.

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