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The feedback I received from my Part 2 assessment was very positive. However there are a few negative comments that I feel I need to work on:

  • There  is  a  need  for  further  finesse  in  the  making.  
  • I  would  like  to  see  more  personality   in  your  presentation  style.    

I would really like to work on both of these criticisms. In order to achieve a higher standard of finish I will dedicated at least 2 weeks to ensure the making is of much higher quality for this project. I have included this on my proposal sheet and as long as I stick to the timing, I should create something much more finessed then before.

To make sure I improve on the second criticism, I will make sure I do more sketches in my sketchbook and improve on doing fast sketches. I will also use more colour and explore more materials in my books. From my previous sketchbooks I tend to stick to one clean style with not much character. From now on I will use my sketchbook as an ideas board and not be scared of using it, like I have been before. This should bring much more personality into my sketchbook.

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