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To start off my project I decided research the meaning behind 'Metamorphosis'  and find words that link it. I found when researching that it did not necessarily have to link with nature, but meant just a large change. Words I found to link with 'Metamorphosis' were transformation and evolution. Definitely words I could link to my project in the future.

I then looks at 'Metamorphosis' in literature, especially in ancient Greek epics such as The Odyssey by Homer and Metamorphoses by Ovid. The examples I collected from these books were often gods morphing into animals or humans or gods causing the animal transformation of a human being. I also looked at modern literature linking with 'Metamorphosis' by Franz Kafka and Lewis Carroll. This made me realise how 'Metamorphosis' in regards to human beings does not necessarily have to be a physical transformation but a mental transformation for example in character or behaviour.

Then I did some research online looking at how 'Metamorphosis' links to art and design. What a few of the artists have done is created a contrast between hard and soft textures to emphasize a transformation. One of the artists particularly effected me. ‘Me & Edward’ by Jonathan Ducruix I found particularly inspiring due the photo manipulation of a human. Making them have animal parts, showing adaptation.

I was determined to get some primary research into my sketchbook and research. To link with 'Metamorphosis' I decided to photograph dying or dead nature and photoshop/distort the pictures so that they would look like they were living again - I wanted to emphasize how the difference between life and death is a transformation.

To end my research for the day I decided to look further into the words I researched at the start of the day, especially 'Evolution'. In particularly I looked at contemporary jewellery that related to 'Evolution'. I stumbled upon an jeweller named Ana Rajcevic who did a collection on Evolution. I found this collection particularly inspirational towards my project. It shows people with animal bits attached to them - showing how humans would look like if they adapted to animal's protective shields - evolution. This links to 'Metamorphosis' extremely well as it shows how people can change for the better.

What I would like to achieve in the next couple of days:

  • Go to two galleries
  • More primary research
  • At least 10 pages in my sketchbook
  • Research myths - Icarus

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