God's own junkyard: Neon lights

I found a place where lots of neon signs were exhibited near Walthamstow Central station, zone 3. This gallery was called "God's own junkyard". I was curious about the name because I thought God and neon which is the symbol of  colourful and fancy lights are quite irrelevant each other. It kept me guessing and being curious. After I came to the gallery I was mesmerised by the use of vibrant colours and lights. All the signs and simple drawings stand out because of the contrast between dark space and bright light. Also using complementary colours and primary colours at the same time in the same work made the work more vibrant. It made me think depends on what colour is used the work stands out and get attention. In the other way, too many colours were used for one work. It always needs adjustability.

It was interesting that they used a plaster cast of God and adding neon lights on it because the combination of these two materials that had different feelings were unexpected. The materials used for the light was interesting as well. All the works were made by glass and it only had round curves. 

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