Victoria Miro Gallery: Do-Ho Suh - Passage/s

This exhibition reminded me the first exhibition of him I saw around 5 years ago. I was mesmerised by his huge scale of work and the purpose of the work. I didn't know how important it is to show one's ideas clearly and strongly before I saw his work, then I realised that I also have to care about the thought, the idea of the work and how to make people feel curious. In this exhibition, "Passage/s", firstly I got interested in the process of his works: Thread drawing which means mark-making through stitching on a gelatine sheet and embedded on STPI, only using stitch and mesh/organza fabric he made a three-dimensional space. Generally, when I think about stitching on a fabric the results of this process is very flat and two-dimensional however his work was completely against the general theory which I liked a lot and making a see-through space that is able to pass through. I am going to think about using materials in a different way such as making structural work with stitching.

Then I was focussed on what he wants to say through this exhibition. There was a saying, "Life is a passageway, there is no fixed beginning and no fixed destination. We have to focus on all the time and forget about the in-between spaces." This phrase didn't give me a idea of choosing theme but gave me a motivation of what I am doing and what I will do.


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