NOW Gallery: Molly Godaard

The last project began. I haven't decide what then I would like to choose because I wanted to make sure and be confident about my choice so that I could do my work enjoying. Before I decide the theme, I had time to visit some galleries/museums so I planned to see some exhibitions which might make me feel interested and see if I could find the theme.

The exhibition I went on was about the embroidery. The space was quite small and there were only 5 pieces of tulle dresses made by a fashion designer, Molly Goddard who graduated CSM. However the impact of what those dresses gave to me was powerful and attractive. The purpose of this exhibition was to make people feel interested in embroidery and unite the people through embroidering on the one same dress, the dress will be totally different from the beginning because of the works of un-known artist. Some of the process of embroidery work from different 'artists' were interesting, I think it is because the artists did those work without knowing techniques. This exhibition made me feel interested in embroidery, I will do research further more.

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