Saturday 18th February

Today I have been looking at the slut walk marches, which is something I came across whilst looking at recent protests. As I am looking at how clothes represent our belief systems, I find it also an interesting notion that having no clothes at all can equally show this, but in a different way. Nudity, especially female nudity, is a charged subject in today’s society, either representing female objectification, or female empowerment, two very contrasting subjects. However, I have no interest in simply using nudity in my work as I find using shock tactics in general when used badly very dull and more of a substitute for genuine, well-thought through pieces than anything else.

However, it would be interesting to experiment with using transparent fabrics, and the use of body paint is also something that I find very interesting, I could for example experiment with using embroidery techniques, painting, or spray painting onto sheer fabric and putting that on the body to contrast with something like a suit to show a brief expanse of skin.

The juxtaposition of using soft, delicate ‘feminine’ fabrics alongside the weightier ‘masculine’ fabrics and cuts could also be interesting, and would give me an opportunity to use and experiment with lots of different techniques suitable for different fabrics.

From my research into sub-cultures I have also been reading about the history of the suit, to see if there is any interesting information that could inform or influence my project and one thing I found is that the modern day suit is at least partially a descendent of military uniforms. I really love looking at uniforms as I find them to be very beautiful but also charged with symbolic meaning, and also links in well of me looking at the suit from the perspective of cultural unity in the form of protest, and making it a kind of uniform for people reacting against what it represents. However, as it is also something that is used a lot at the moment, I need to be careful that I use it in an original way, as I am still concerned that what I am looking at is being explored too much in the current catwalks.

I think I also need to identity what exactly it is that I am reacting against, I think I could do this by looking at what the suit represents, and thinking what it is about that that I disagree with, or makes me angry, and go from there. 

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