Wednesday 15th February

This afternoon I have been researching collage artists and collaging techniques in the library, and I have found some really interesting books with lots of ideas of how to use the technique in different ways. I found that I had a lot of problems with collaging in the last project, and just couldn’t get it to be ‘right’, so hopefully looking at these artists might give me some inspiration. I find the books in the library to be very useful, and I love looking in books, but I haven’t yet found a strategy for finding relevant images early on in a project, as opposed to looking up a specific artist or designer. It is annoying because usually at the start of a project I mainly do internet research as you can do more targeted searches, and then later on use books when I have more of an idea of what I am looking for, but I think that using books would help me to find and develop that idea. I need to think on how I can use the library more consistently in an effective way.

I am also feeling quite worried because from looking at the fashion week shows I am concerned that my idea is too current as so many designers are doing protest t shirts or political ideas and I don’t want my project to come across as a copy-cat idea. I genuinely came about my ideas through a different route, and as it is something that is affecting society today, which is part of the brief, and part of our collective consciousness, I suppose it is natural for lots of designers to explore similar things? I just don’t want my project to appear samey or un-imaginative, and I am quite worried about it because politics is something that I am genuinely interested in, but maybe I need to find some other references? The last thing I want is for someone to look at my work and think that I have just copied it off someone else. The use of military references is also quite rife at the moment, which was also something that I was interested in, I suppose because, just as I was thinking, it represents female empowerment.

The use of feminism in fashion is so common at the moment that I am wondering whether I should find a different slant on it? As obviously, due to the fact that I am a woman, feminism is a big part of my life so it is something that I enjoy exploring in my work, and is a common theme I have found in my projects. I am not sure whether the fact that the ideas I am looking at are being look at right now is a good or bad thing, because I suppose in a way it means that I am looking at ideas in the world today, or bad because it looks unoriginal? Although environmental issues are very important, and they are interesting, personally I find political issues more drawing, and as it is so imprisoned on the public consciousness I suppose it is only natural? 

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