Monday 13th February

This morning I handed in my sketchbooks and portfolio for assessment- I have just realised that I forgot to put in copies of my last assessment feedback but hopefully this shouldn’t impact my grade, though I don’t want to make more work for my tutors by having to go into the computer system and find it. Everyone was clustered together discussing who got into BA and who didn’t, which made for a slightly awkward atmosphere. However, I am really happy that my friends who didn’t get onto their top choice courses seem to be taking it very positively and viewing their options as more of an opportunity to take things at a different angle, and I hope don’t feel too upset by it or allow it to hold them back for the final project. I have also noticed that since the introduction of this project and the proposal of a feature in 1 granary that a lot of people have become a lot cagier about their thoughts and their ideas. I think that this is a shame, and also rather pointless as no one is going to copy anyone else, because who wants to do a project that is similar to someone else’s? I would like to promote a culture where we all help each other and give each other constructive feedback to improve everyone collectively, as everyone has a different style anyway and everyone’s projects will develop differently.

I think that recently I have also begun to get hung up on the feature in the magazine and the final project, as because it is the last one I think I put a little bit of pressure on myself that it is has to be my best one. I think I also compare myself to others too much, whether its look at students’ workflow from last year or thinking about what everyone else may be doing, whereas I need to focus on doing a project that I feel passionate about and not being concerned with the thoughts of other all the time. Only this way will I create my best work, and by being in a happy, motivated and calm state of mind I will be able to complete the project more effectively, and if I am picked to go in the magazine I am, and if I’m not I’m not, and to a certain extent it depends on what kind of message they want to send through the article as to who they choose and that is outside of my control so I shouldn’t focus on it.

I know that some people have already got their assessment feedback, though I haven’t, I think because my surname I farther down the alphabet, and today I have been spending some time in the library. I am having trouble finding imagery at the moment to inspire me, so I think that tomorrow I will continue to try to find inspirational artists and designers and start putting it all onto workflow. 

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