Sunday 12th February

Today I finalised all of my work to hand in for the assessment, I firstly made sure that my workflow was set to public, so that my tutors would be able to access it. Then I had to take apart the massive sketchbook that I had compiled for interviews and put it back into two sketchbooks so that it would fit into my portfolio and so that I could re-insert the pages that I had removed.

This seemed a bit like a surgical operation, removing the cover and splitting apart the pages before rebinding the lace project pages, and making sure that the rest of time lab remained in the first sketchbook. I then re-glued the pages to the sketchbook front and back and made sure that they were all secure. I also put in some of the extra collages I did for lace that was outside of my sketchbook. For this project I was a bit unhappy with the collages I had done, as I don’t think that they are very aesthetically pleasing and appear a bit childish. I think that this is one aspect I would like to focus on at the start of this project and collage in a way that I find interesting and advances the ideas of my project rather than just explaining them. This is an aspect that I feel I am improving more and more across the course of the foundation, that of using the sketchbook as a working tool rather than just some kind of presentation case in which to put in pictures of samples or inspiration, and actually working in it to develop my thoughts and designs.

I think that a good way to develop my method of collaging will be to go back to the pictures I took of books on collaging techniques from the library, and also to go back into the library and look up some artists to inspire me. One thing that I think I need to do is focus on putting together only around 3 different elements in smaller, more insightful collages, and not print off a mass of material and try and mash it together. By using small elements, I think that I can work into them more rather than just sticking secondary imagery into my sketchbook and I think that this will hopefully improve the start of my project.

I was slightly unsure as to whether I should go back to the collages in lace and re-work into them or do more mark-making, but the tutors emphasise that we shouldn’t re-edit our work, and I think that I have other examples of collages across the other projects, so hopefully this will be enough.

After this I also wrote up my reflective notes on the last few days and uploaded them all to workflow. For this project I really will try to write up the full accounts as well as simply doing notes every day, as although I usually never let more than 4 days to a week of diary to creep up on me, even this means that it becomes a task rather than a daily habit.

Moreover, today I have been reading a lot of articles to research my project. One of my tutors suggested that we also look at theoretical writing to research, and this is something that I like to do anyway as I think that I am quite an academically minded person in the way I like to research, and I think that it is useful in terms of getting ideas with which you then research primarily in a visual way. I think it is important not to get bogged down in theoretical concept though, and this is something I will try and prevent myself doing on this project.

I was particularly looking at fashion as a reflection of current events, and its role in the formation and expression of personality. I was further looking at lots of examples of protests, as I think that I need to narrow down my concept and find an example to follow. I really enjoyed reading the articles, and I think that now I have more of an idea for my project. Something that I wanted to do in time for the assessment was to at least partly complete the project proposal so that I could get my tutors’ feedback. This is so that during reading week I can edit it before we come back, and also to see if they think that my concept is a good starting point before I have done lots of research and cemented it in my mind. I have completed the first and last sections, which I found reasonably straight-forward as I like doing that kind of formal style writing and it is also quite similar to the EPQ project proposal I did at A-Level. For the concept section I put my ideas in bullet-point form just to get some feedback on it.

I also wrote in more detail my action plan, to get some feedback on whether it is realistic or not, though I haven’t completed the bibliography section as I haven’t compiled a large enough amount of initial research or ideas of materials to research. I feel a little more relaxed for this assessment than I did for the last one, as most of the material in it was in my portfolio, was seemed to be reasonably good, as it got me the university places that I wanted, so I hope that the assessment will go well!

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