-       Music and moving image is very often a part of my research

-       Elements of nature are either the topic of a project or are interwoven or are a starting point

-       Creative approach to projects or understanding of associations within a project

-       Presentation of work and displaying it (styling, photo shooting, exhibiting)

-       How to move on with a project when it seems to be stucked in one place ( unsing elements of textile design development in fashion process)

-       Visualizing ideas by drawing

-       Drawing and markmaking

-       Hand making

-       How to work in sketchbook to sucesfully develop ideas

-       Ability to evaluate own work and the value of it

-       Fact paced work


-       Achievements within process – it becomes as important as the final piece, approach to a certain topic (even if the topic seems well known – like hippies) is crucial.

-       Interwoving elements that are personal

-       Bigger creativity

-       Improvement in visualization skills and illustration

-       Combination in mark making and experimentation and colour practice resulted in a better sensitivity for textures

-       Work becomes self explanatory but it is also easier for me to work

-       I move forward sucessfully


-       Understanding of the process (what am I actually doing) + personal references = bigger creativity

-       I left the connection with very academic type of drawing far behind, however using lessons that I was taught during that period of time

-       Process is unexpected and highly experimental yet with understanding and fast work it can be guided by me to a certain extent, which all alone is fascinating


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