Saturday 11th February

Today I have been thinking more about my concept, and having been talking through my ideas with other people to start to hear them out loud. I have been trying to pin down exactly what I find interesting, and I really like the concept of revolution, as garments play such a big role in them. Clothes symbolise a person or group’s beliefs and identity, and are visual elements of propaganda. Whilst investigating various different groups a common theme I have come across is that often groups demonstrate their protest by taking garments or a symbol of that against which they are protesting, and then defiling, altering, or changing it in order to turn it into a symbol for their own beliefs. This includes the punk movement, who took shirts and suit trousers from the generation of their parents, and symbols of the middle class, and tore them, ripped them, and added safety pins and chain to mark themselves out and to voice their rage against that previous generation and what it had done to society. Furthermore, the soviet army uniform supposedly originates from uniforms created for the Tsarist army, which were found and altered in order to support the new regime. This is a principle I could extend off, perhaps taking an element that is relevant today and using that as a starting point for development.

Moreover, I have been looking at different protests, and one that caught my eye was the umbrella movement in Hong Kong, where protesters used umbrellas as protection against the pepper spray used by the police. I thin that tomorrow I will continue looking at protests and also will investigate in more details charities I could look at to inspire my project, and I think that Amnesty will be a good one to look at.

This afternoon I also visited the Radical Eye exhibition at the Tate Modern. This was composed of photographs from the collection of Sir Elton John, and I think that this in particular is fascinating to look at objects chosen by such an interesting figure whose work I admire. I have never really looks as much at photography as paintings before, and do not know much about it, and I was pleasantly surprised by the exhibition and found it to be very interesting. This is particularly the fact that photography, unlike painting, tends to capture a moment in time, which can often be very spontaneous and can capture a glimmer of an expression that is gone in a moment, or something that cannot be held onto by the naked eye, such as a frozen swimmer diving into a pool. Moreover, the way that photographers, particularly in the early 20th century, used distortion and surrealist techniques in photography is very interesting and strangely beautiful. This included photomontage, and some of these ideas I could keep in mind for doing collages to express my ideas.

This evening I have also spent some time updating and re-designing my CV. This is because I would like to start applying for internships in the summer, and also to see if there is any volunteer work for Fashion Week. I think that industry experience will be vital to further my work, and would also be useful to make contacts so I could perhaps go back at some point during my BA. I have re-designed my CV using the same branding I have used on my workflow, as I think that this looks clean and clear, and have tried to show the information so that it is easy to access and won’t take much time to read. I may ask one of my tutors to see if it would be possible for one of theme to give me a reference, as I think that this would help when applying for experience. 

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