Friday 10th February

Today I have been reflecting on the ideas I have been tossing around in my head so far and I think I am interested in following along the idea of looking at how clothes connect to identity and how they can be used to remove identity as well as express it. I think that this could connect quite well to some of the stories I have been reading on amnesty’s website, which is a charity that supports those fighting against human rights abuses, and those that are incarcerated illegally. I am further interested in looking at uniforms, as it is quite an interesting concept that you have to be dressed a certain way in order to be killed legally or to kill someone else, and also looking at revolutions. From the Russia exhibition I saw on Wednesday I really like the concept of how art and dress was used as propaganda to change a way of thinking, and the contrast between the upper classes’ way of dress and that projected by the soviet proletariat is startling and I find it very inspiring.

At the moment I think I need to marshal my thoughts and try and find the main concept underpinning what I want to explore and research some artists that could inspire me. I am wary of centring my project entirely in fashion as I think that could make it quite limiting, and I also want to be much more aware of current artists or fashion designers in this project. This is because I think that for the last project I got too bogged down in the historical aspect, and began to think in words rather than pictures, and then couldn’t communicate my thoughts visually. I have to remember that I am not researching to write a history essay, but in order to inspire me visually and to keep this in mind. I also think that often my pieces are entirely un-wearable, and although this can be a good thing, I think I would like to start creating pieces that people like from the perspective of wanting to wear it and own it as well as from an art piece perspective, and something that could feasible be seen on a catwalk. I think that this is important for the stage up to BA as I would like to create things that could be seen as desirable from an industry point of view whilst still keeping the aspect of my work that I feel underpins everything I do, that of creating extremely structural things that often appear like something that could only been seen in a show, rather than as ordinary dress.

I think I also need to be calmer for this project, and not expect the concept to come straight away. I have quite a long time to come up with my project proposal, so I think I would like to spend some time on it, and to allow my ideas to come organically rather than panicking and forcing them. Today I have been looking at the workflows of some of the students from last year to gain insight into how they conducted the project, and what they wish they had done differently so I can learn from this. The ones I looked at all modified their ideas at some point, and one of the students took quite a while to find their final concept, so I think I just have to accept that it’s okay to not know exactly what you are doing all the time. They also planned on making more than one garment, though none of them actually did, so I think that I will plan on only making one garment and put all my efforts into it to make the best thing I have done.

Today I have also finished updating my workflow in time for assessment next week, which is a relief as it is something that always takes much longer than I think and can be very draining. It is also important to make sure that I have it completed not at the last minute as we have had warnings from tutors that workflow has been known to crash sometimes directly before an assessment as so many students from across Foundation are all trying to use it at the same time. This would be a disaster as it would mean that I wouldn’t be able to pass the section, so I am relieved that this aspect is finished. 

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