Thursday 9th February

Today we had the briefing where the tutors went into more detail about how to write the project proposal in particular, and showed us examples of charities, student’s work and answered their questions. I feel a little clearer about how to involve the charity side now, as previously I wasn’t sure as to how that fitted in, or whether the inspiration had to be visible in the final product. However, after speaking to my tutor I think it is more about using the charities as inspiration from which to develop a pieces founded on some kind of moral or social issue, and to create a piece that is stimulating and interesting, but not necessarily visually linked to the starting point, but that which adds another dimension once this is discovered.

I also found looking at the student’s work from last year to be very helpful, and I think that I will do more of this, as although they will have had different starting points, it is useful to look at their work, and particularly their reflection diaries as then I can see what worked well and what didn’t in terms of time organisation or what types of concept.

Following the briefing I attended a tutorial on writing the project proposal, which I found to be useful, although similarly to last time I found the worksheet to be more useful than the activities, though at least by doing it I know that I haven’t missed out on any extra help or guidance.

After the briefing we were set a library task, to start our research, however at the moment I don’t feel like I am ready to jump straight into it as I don’t have a solid corridor to follow at the moment. I think that in terms of what I have found is more useful for me is to create a series of mind maps and to read articles on different aspects to map out the different possibilities, and to choose which I find most interesting and go from there. Whilst I don’t want to go against what the tutors have said, as they are much more experienced in these matters than I am, and I can see that this would be a good method of jumpstarting a project, for me personally when I have used the library before without a clear direction I tend to spend a lot of time wafting around and looking in books, which, whilst interesting, don't end up being relevant to my project and I waste a lot of time. Due to the vast size of the library, which is an amazing resource, ironically I find that I tend to get lost in it as there are so many possibilities.

I have instead firstly been creating my action plan for the project, as I find that once I do this I feel more motivated and secure knowing that there is a plan in place. I think that I will firstly spend some time finding more of an idea of what I want to investigate, and then come down to the library perhaps later this weekend to find some interesting imagery in books, and hopefully have more of a targeted approach.

I have decided that I will spend these weeks and reading week doing initial research and starting to explore these ideas through collage or print ideas, and then the four weeks after that, going through our progress tutorials and into the first week of the Easter holidays I will spend this time developing. I think that it is important to spend the most amount of time on this stage as this is the most vital to the successful completion and will provide me with the biggest amount of ideas from which to produce a fully formed final piece idea. Following this I will then spend two weeks creating my final piece, and then in the final week I will create the portfolio to go alongside this for the assessment, although I may do this with the final piece in tandem as I get closer to the time. I like having an overview as now I feel more prepared, and hopefully won’t be in a position where I don’t have much time at the end of the project. I have also been thinking about the themes, and I particularly like the idea of exploring Self, as this links to identity and therefore the relationship between clothing and identity, which is something that interests me. I think that tonight I will make a mind map on this subject and resume investigating it tomorrow. 

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