Wednesday 8th February

This morning I attended the lecture on our final project. It is very strange and exciting to think that we only have one project left, and I can’t quite believe that my time on art foundation is almost over. I think that I have already learnt so much, and that my work has become much more experimental and mature just in these short months and I think that the experience has been invaluable both in terms of developing my work and also enabling me to be able to step up to BA next year. I don’t know how I would have been able to do it had I just gone straight from foundation and I can see why the vast majority of people seeking creative careers do art foundations, as with every passing year I feel that I get better and produce more varied work.  It is also strange to think that we have over 10 weeks for a single project, which seem incomprehensible to me now after having normally only a 1 week or 2 week project! This is around the same length of time that I had for my exam project at A-Level, which seemed very short to me then, although it is true that I had to also do 2 other A-Levels alongside this, so  it will be good to be able to spend so much time properly developing and carrying through an idea. This will also allow me to develop my pattern cutting and draping skills a little more, and spend more time on this aspect.

I was surprised that we are being given themes to work with as a starting point for this project as when I asked Alice, she said that there wouldn’t be. However in a sense this makes it easier as I will have a starting point from which to base my ideas, and often if you are told that you can choose anything, then you can’t think of anything at all! I think that the ideas I was thinking about could link to the themes, though I don’t think that I will try and force them in, but instead investigate aspects of the given themes and see if they come into play.

I also find it interesting that we are being asked to work towards the social aspect of fashion rather than simply looking at it from a consumerist perspective, and I think that this is a good way to think about your work, and to appreciate the wider impacts on the environment around you. However, with so many people it is often hard to find an idea that will appear original, and with the themes you could theoretically have a concept based directly from that, and produce an interesting outcome, though one that would probably be similar to other peoples’. This is something to think about, particularly after the briefing tomorrow.

This evening I also attended the Russian art exhibition at the RA, as although I haven’t worked through what my concept will be yet, I think that it could tie in and I find it interesting so it is good to look around it anyway. I thought that it was a very well laid-out exhibition, and included contextual details in order to make the art understandable, and I also saw the work of many Russian artists that I had never heard of before. I particularly like the Surprematist style adopted by some of the artists, including Malevich, as I find the stylised shape and form very inspiring. I also really like the idea of how the government used art and clothing to convey a sense of unity or ‘sameness’, through the style of the work as well as the subject. Furthermore, I found the section where there was a film with photographs of artists and those working in the creative industries who were imprisoned, exiled or shot by the government due to their art, and the image of their eyes starting into the camera, unknowing of what would happen next, is very poignant and haunting. These are all ideas to consider for the future and ones that I will bear in mind whilst thinking about the themes. 

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