-       Various fashion design approaches and freedom within them; abstract thinking applied to fashion design based on associations within a chosen area

-       I understood how to creatively use my previous experiences within various art disciplines to enrich my research and technical abilities

-       Importance of right fabric and material choices alongside experimentation with unconventional elements

-       Technical skills (crocheting, hand dyeing, macramé, yarn making, hand knitting)

-       Illustration and mark making skills development

-       Colour sensitivity and the role of colour (developed by knowledge ganed in painting lessons before FAD)

-       Researching skills – various sources and methods of research (interviews, own imaginery interwoven into research and mood-building, connection to music)

-       Thinking through collaging and drawing enriching visual research

-       Editing skills

-   I enriched my understanding of broader fashion context, why are are certain design decision being made in the industry and how does that reflect the way fashion design looks

-   Conscious design decision making and context of these decisions (what the consequences of a certain design decision will be)

-   Thoughtful steps in design development

-   Understanding of how personal approach can change the connection to the project


-       Stepping outside the environment of literal approach to art I was aesthetically raised in.

-       Exploration of own artistic associations from different disciplines

-       Confidence with experimentation and applying it to fashion design

-       Realizing the strengths in technical abilities and approaches in: mark making, colour usage, craftsmanship based techniques

-   Progress in understanding of fashion design process and the importance of applying textures, shapes and colours; altogether underpinned by personal approach


Progress in experimentation, visual language based on combination of art disciplines I have experienced, confidence within design

Technical skills development, colour exploration, craftsmanship within textile and silhouette development

Having no previous experience with fashion design process I learned how to understand it and develop my ideas with it

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