Monday 6th February

I had a very enjoyable weekend having a short break to recharge before starting to have a think about what I want to explore for my final project. I think that this is important because I have a tendency to get very mentally involved with what I am doing so I need some time out to regain perspective and to ensure that I have a fresh state of mind to start the next project.

Today I have spent some time updating my workflow and catching up on things ready for the assessment next week. I should have made sure that I did it in tandem with my practical work, and this is particularly important for the next project as everything has to be done really at the same time. However, when finishing off my portfolio and doing my interviews I let some of my workflow slide a little, and left gaps in my reflections that I needed to fill. Though this wasn’t too bad, and as it wasn’t developmental work that I was having to remember and try and put down on paper it was fine, I just need to make sure that I make the effort to do it every day otherwise it becomes a big task if a few mount up on me.

I also transferred some of my research images from pinterest and word over to workflow. Often if I am researching whilst making samples or my final piece then I will collate them in a different format so that I can think about them but don’t need to spend the extra time painstakingly trying to put them into workflow.

Tomorrow I am thinking about going to visit some galleries to start to get some ideas for my project before the lecture on Wednesday. 

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