Introduction lecture - precise briefing; presentation.

Research Tasks to do in the library and writing tasks. These tasks recquired some more precise idea for researching than I had at the beginning of the day, so I decided to do mind maps first and carefully consider the topic. I do not want to hurry to much either, because with good time management I will be able to do everything I want to and consider the project decisions more carefully than when doing quick projects.

The mind maps are attatched below.

I decided to start with the surrounding theme. While brainstorming I realized that the topic of pollution is especially close to me,because the city I come from (Cracow) is one of the most polluted cities in the world and Europe. I lived there for 15 years of my life and I always remember announcements in the radio saying to stay at home due to air pollution. Soil, water and air are severly contaminated. This is mostly due to geographical conditions - the city is located in a valley and there is no wind at all, so the smog stays low and cover the city. During the Soviet period a huge steel and aluminium factory was established there, so this resulted in the air condition being even worser. Contamination from coal being burned to heat up households in this  area adds even more pollutions. The city is a very touristy place, so the amount of trash generated in the summer time is overwhelming. There is a problem with recycling because no recycling factories can be build in a region that is already so contaminated by factories. I find the connection of factories to the air contamination particularly interesting, because both of my grandfathers were working with machines that were working in factories. One of my grandfathers as a machine designer, the other one as a seller.

I found articles (in Polish though) that tell about recent emergency situations that were caused in the Steel Mill by machines (some specific instalations and stoves) that were not working properly. As a result a huge amount of toxic air pollutants was released to the air. That along the reading of "ELEMENTAL COMPOSITION AND ROUGH SOURCE APPORTIONMENT OF FINE PARTICULATE MATTER IN AIR IN CRACOW, POLAND" makes me realize how big the issue is. Obviously, when it comes to the process of production of Steel in this Steel Mill these are not only machines that are not working properly. However, I want to be focused just on that and use machines as a sybmol of industrial pollution.
All articles are credited in the bibliography page.

Tutorials with Pauline and Jeniffer.

The tutorial on project brief writing was very helpfull, because now it seems more reachable. The most important thing I have to remember about is to establish a creative restriction. We were discussing old projects with my friends during the tutorial and we realized that all of the projects were called restrictions - I need to find a clearer creative starting point for an even broader research. What I have now is still very blurry. I have no clue about air pollution or any other pollution, the ways to prevent it or what it causes.

I have a clue how to structure my project brief by answering questions that are marked on the draft by our tutors.

The ther tutorial on Workflow writing was usefull too especially when it comes to layouts on the page. I was told by my tutor to clarify my research and reflection pages. With help from the technitians I managed to rearrange all of them and hopefully now it will all look better.


Below is attatched a table with action plan for next few days.


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